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CLwJ 267: Season Finale. Answering Behind the Scenes questions about creativity, productivity and this season in the studio

Creative Living with Jamie (episode 267): Season Finale!The summer season is coming to the close here at Jamie Ridler Studios, so it was time for the season finale of the podcast! My sister Shannon went live with me this morning and thanks to some wonderful viewers questions we talked about things like “How are you so productive?” “What do you do with your art work once you’ve made it?” and “What are you reading right now?” Plus I reveal some wonderful things coming up at the studio!You can also watch the finale here from when it was recorded LIVE to YouTube.Mentioned on Today's Show:My sister Shannon RidlerThe Creative Living with Jamie podcastCreative Block by Danielle Krysa of The Jealous CuratorWalk through Walls by Marina AbramovicThe What Do Artists Do All Day seriesFree classes at CourseraShine a Light ~ Spread the MagicWhether this is the first episode that you've listened to or we've been hanging out for years, I am so glad that you're here. I love knowing tha…

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