CLwJ 260: What if you left the shoulds behind in favour of what comes easily? That's what artist Oto Kano did

Oto Kano on Creative Living with JamieCreative Living with Jamie (episode 260): Oto Kano

What if you left the shoulds behind in favour of what comes easily? That's exactly what Oto Kano did when she decided to become an artist.  Step by step, she moved from a life full of shoulds to one that worked with her bipolar instead of against it. In this episode, Oto shares how she made the transition from feeling guilty about doing what she loved to truly owning her gifts.

Oto Kano is a Japanese-British abstract painter and jewellery designer based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Her work focuses on encapsulating chance encounter of colours, and her bipolar. She paints the energy she sees in her mind during depression and mania. She moved away from her university lecturing job teaching computer science to becoming an artist at 36, in order to follow a creative life that worked with her bipolar, not against it.

A Little Note Regarding the Audio: Despite an unexpected power outage, I managed to get this week's episode to you. I record the extro on the fly so it sounds a little rougher than usual. I hope the message gets to you all the same!

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