CLwJ 261: Dar Hosta James shares how she became an accidental artist and cobbled together a rich creative life


Creative Living with Jamie (episode 261): Dar Hosta James


What will it take for you to believe me when I tell you that you're creative? That's the question I start with this week before diving into a fascinating conversation with artist Dar Hosta James. Dar shares how she became an accidental artist and cobbled together a rich and diverse creative life. 

Dar (Hosta) James is a painter of trees, a collage artist, a writer and illustrator of children's picture books, a creative project manager, a designer, a teacher of both children and adults, a speaker on creativity and education, a creativity life coach and a certified educator for GOLDEN Artist Colors.
Dar is the daughter of an artist with an exploration in visual arts that has been life long, self-motivated and self-taught.  After a brief stint as a high school teacher, she became a stay at home mom in rural Ohio where she discovered a love of collage while spending days at home with her two, young sons though, later, she would continue working in education through writing and art as a visiting author, an artist in residence and a national speaker on creativity in education. In 2003, after a move to central New Jersey, Dar started an independent publishing company, Brown Dog Books, which became a platform for her own illustrated children’s books. Of her life as an artist, she says, “Art has become a metaphor for my life… my life has become a metaphor for my art… in both areas, I try to look for what is working and how to make it all more fun. The two feed each other."

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